iTunes has become a staple of the media household.

I’m not a “Genius”, but something has to give.

I’ve been researching technology throughout my college career. I’ve been carefully studying the ins-and-outs of the tech industry, particularly in terms of history. And history says this: when something isn’t perfect, you need to make it better. Right now, Apple has some excellent products on the market: the iPhone, iPod and iPad, to name a few. And there’s the ever-popular (and ever-changing) Mac lineup of personal computers. However, I feel there’s on glaring problem with these two immensely successful platforms. The big issue that Apple has?

Media distribution is a painful process.

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Back from vacation

by Eugene Liu on April 18, 2012 · 0 comments

I was able to take a couple of weeks off to fly to Taiwan (home base of HTC and Hon Hai/Foxconn) for a family vacation. The last time I was there was in 1996… when DVDs first came out, Windows NT 4 was the dominant enterprise OS, Internet Explorer 3 was on your PC, and the first version of Java was released. Obviously, nobody really cared for the smartphone or tablet. Most folks were still chugging along on dial-up Internet access.

It was a grueling trip on airplanes (had two stopovers). I flew on United and traveled light, i.e. didn’t bring a guitar (thank God). In fact, I didn’t even bring my notebook. In terms of gadgetry, I only brought my iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and NOOK eReader.

But throughout the trip I found myself only using the iPhone. I also found myself severely inconvenienced without mobile phone service. Luckily prior to the trip I had called Verizon to SIM unlock my iPhone in anticipation of buying a local Taiwan provider SIM to use.

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Good news for iPhone users wth AT&T!

Not sure what changed their minds, but AT&T will unlock your iPhone to be used with another carrier (worldwide), providing that your contract with AT&T has expired.

This goes into effect on April 8th, 2012.

I have a Motorola Atrix 4G (Android OS, AT&T, unlocked through AT&T unlock code), so I will not be able to verify this… maybe one of my colleagues can do this and post an update?

Or better yet, maybe one of you, our royal readers can make a call to AT&T, verify this, and post something in the comments.

Original Article – AT&T will allow out-of-contract customers to unlock their iPhone


I love technology. I love the Earth. Sometimes it can be tough to find a good marriage between the two.

GreenSmart aims to find this sweet spot with their eco-friendly accessories, including bags, laptop sleeves and more, all made from recycled materials. Can a product be truly functional – and look good – even if it’s made from recycled materials? Click through for the full review.

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Yesterday, we reviewed two pairs of headphones from Subjekt, a company focused on creating “good looking headphones” for “serious audiophiles.”

We took a look at the fashionable on-ear “White Rogue” TNT model, which is currently sold out! The headphones feature great sound for the price, an anti-tangle fabric cable, and, of course, they look great! Now here’s your chance to win a pair!

Here’s how to enter:

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I’ve said it before: there are a lot of headphone companies at CES. I’ll say it again: there are a lot of headphone companies at CES. In fact, a wise man once told me that all it took to push headphones at CES was “a booth and some babes.”

Subjekt is a headphone company that caters to a unique crowd. According to their site, Subjekt aims to  provide “good looking headphones” for “serious audiophiles.”

We picked up two pairs of Subjekt headphones – TNT on-ear models, and Rave earbuds. Are these fashionable headphones really for true audiophiles, or do they fall a bit flat? For full review and contest details, click through.

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Review: Cartoonatic+

by John LaPine on March 20, 2012 · 1 comment

Last year, we reviewed FX Photo Studio for both iPhone and iPad by app developer MacPhunCartoonatic+ is a new(er) fun little app that lets users throw on a number of different cartoon/comic book filters on their iPhone photos and videos.

Like most photo/video filter apps, there are enough different filters to keep users entertained. But is the app worth paying for? Read the full review below.

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Microsoft demonstrates super-quick touchscreen

by John LaPine March 10, 2012

With every generation of touch screen device, things are getting smaller, thinner, and brighter, but no company has really had a focus on faster. That is, until now.

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Review: Optoma PT105 gaming projector

by John LaPine March 7, 2012

We here at gagagadet are huge fans of video games, and cool technology, so when we heard about the latest portable video game projector, we had to try it out. The PT105 portable video game projector from Optoma is the latest model in their PlayTime line. We got our hands on one and got to [...]

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Windows 8: Using Touch/Mice Controls

by Bryant Plano February 29, 2012

So you’ve already downloaded the Consumer Preview (really people, let’s just start calling it a Beta – it is the LAST consumer Preview) of Windows 8. Awesome. So… now what? Why is everything different? Why can’t I do things like I used to be able to?

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OS X 10.8 Update: Apple Unveils Developer ID for Mac App Store

by Bryant Plano February 27, 2012

Who says apps downloaded online are always malware-infested? Well, apparently, Apple wants people to think that.

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The Big Deal about Ice Cream Sandwich

by David Liu February 26, 2012

It’s a known fact among my friends that I don’t use an iOS device any more because I deem the iOS interface old. It’s also a known fact that I deem the Android 2 and even the Android 3 interface plain. I bought the Asus Transformer TF101 when it came out because it was running [...]

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Review: GameFly’s Unlimited PC Play

by John LaPine February 20, 2012

GameFly‘s new PC client has seemed like a long time coming: paid subscription streaming services have been popular for years, and digital distribution has been on the rise. So it only makes sense that a video game-on-demand service would spring up. Really, it surprised me that this kind of service wasn’t previously available. However, we [...]

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Get to the Point: Droid Razr MAXX (Verizon)

by Bryant Plano February 16, 2012

What is it? The Droid RAZR MAXX

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Bonnaroo 2012 line-up announced via Spotify playlist

by John LaPine February 14, 2012

Popular music festival Bonnaroo will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in June, in the city of Manchester, Tennessee with some big-name artist this year. Although it’s nearly four months away, the festival is already heating up. Hot on the heels of the completely redesigned Bonnaroo website comes a very unique method in announcing their line-up [...]

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