ZooGue Case Genius iPad Case review

by Megan Cullor, TheTechStopsHere on December 30, 2010 · 196 comments

You all know the story — you buy an iPad and pick up a random case at the same time, then when you get home and try to prop up your iPad while watching TV or in bed, a number of things can go wrong.  The pillow is at the wrong angle, or the cat refuses to cooperate, for ex.  I had this problem, and then found the ZooGue Case Genius iPad Case.  Not only does it protect my iPad when it’s in my purse (yes, my purse is THAT big — shut up) or my backpack, it also positions my iPad at the perfect angle for viewing when seated at my desk, on the couch, in bed, wherever.  Watch the video below for a demo.

The design is ingenious.  Instead of containing notches along the back for the case to fit into, which can cause slippage over time (I’ve witnessed it firsthand), the back of the case is lined with velcro (the non-grabby side) along the sides, allowing the case to be positioned at any angle your little heart desires.  It’s awesome.

Not only can you position it using the velcro on the back, you can also hang it from the inside of a kitchen cabinet to view recipes or watch your Slingbox while you’re cooking, or use the elastic strap across the back to secure it to a car’s headrest.  Another item of note — a portrait mount is now available for the case (free, just pay shipping and handling (around $5)), which allows the iPad to be positioned upright in portrait mode in the case.

This is not a paid endorsement, and I’m not in any way affiliated with ZooGue.  I just love this product — it’s the only case I have for my iPad, and I hope they’ll have one available for the iPad 2, as well.  To purchase a case (available in black, gray, or pink) or for more information, go to ZooGue.com.

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