Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference LIVE!

by Bryant Plano on June 6, 2011 · 62 comments

As with Apple’s WWDC Press Conference (which oddly enough starts just half an hour after Microsoft), we will be live blogging (literally) the Microsoft E3 press conference starting at 11:30am CST. Stay tuned to Gagagadget for the latest updates! In the mean time, check out a few Microsoft related posts:

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Hi there everyone! Bryant here. Waiting for the press conference to start…

Haven’t heard much about Microsoft’s offerings this year. Lots of Kinect stuff. Heard about a leak of Halo 4 and Halo: Combat Evolved “Anniversary” earlier today. Here’s to hoping we see those two games previewed by Bungie.

Live stream has started. Conference itself won’t start for a bit yet…

I really hope they don’t give out more free stuff this year. Would make me feel REALLY bad for not being there!

Should be starting any time now…

Press briefing is about to begin…

Just got a welcome. Aw, THANKS!

Modern Warfare 3?

Awesome graphics. Sweet footage.

Wow. Just gorgeous.

Not really surprised they would start off with such an awesomely popular title.

I get so impressed by these guys. Those ships are HUGE…

Yep, Modern Warfare 3. Great opening demo.

Head of Infinity Ward out on stage. Thanking lots of fans and whatnot.

Don Mattrick from MIE.

What’s next on Xbox? Let’s find out, shall we?

Better way to enjoy TV? Hmmm…

Two guys coming out from Crystal Studios. World premier of a new Tomb Raider game!

Lara is really hurting at the moment XD

Pictures will be scattered. Here and there… sorry, but I’m working as fast as I can! :)

Lara’s in a serious hole. She grabbed a torch though.

End of demo.

President of EA on the stage.

“EA Sports games have incredible authenticity” – yeah.

Four EA Sports titles will feature Kinect support. FIFA, Tiger, Madden, and one other?

Mass Effect 3 will add Kinect support!

Mass Effect 3 Screen Shots Incoming!

Sheppard – looking good.

That was quick… “Best game in the series”

Tom Clancy coming up!

Looks like Rainbow Six to me. Very pretty. Jeez, graphics have come a long way…

Ubisoft up next.

New Ghost Recon Game – “Future Soldier”.

Fully… FULLY customizable weapons. Incredible detail.

Marc Whitten on stage from XBL.

Lots of voice commands here. New layouts similar to the Zune/WP7.

YouTube coming to XBL!

Bing coming to Xbox Live as well. Full voice integration.

“Effortless discovery”… ok… Lots and lots of voice control in games and in Xbox UI today.

… UFC? Really? That’s Ultimate fighting Championship. :\

Uh… ok. Now they’re showing UFC highlights. We’re here for games mate…

Oh, I get it. You can call fights on XBL now. That’s… erm, cool.

Phil Spencer from MS Studios on now.

New TV features?

From here out – ALL Xbox exclusives.

Here comes Halo.

Gears of War 3. YES.

Epic Games’ Cliff B out on stage now. GEARS DEMO!

Ice Tea out there now. Haha, awesome.

Great footage. Classic Gears.

Giant monster trying to eat the building. Oh dears.

Epic action. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Crytek Studios now showing off their latest…

Two sides to power: Order and justice. Whoa. That guy just got run through with a large knife!

Whoa. Kinect brutality!

Ryse… brutal!

HERE COMES HALO. This is probably the Anniversary edition… yep.

Better graphics? Of course. Classic multiplayer maps, enhanced graphics, co-op. Halo – just getting started. Halo CE – Anniversary – November 15th of 2011.

Wow. Pretty cars… a 458 Italia. Forza Motorsport 4.

I doubt this is all in game. If it is, these guys have graphics DOWN. Coming October 11th.


Fable – The Journey. Kinect support – showing a horse-drawn carriage now…

Now he’s smacking a goblin in the face and firing off spells with his hand. Cool!

Phil Spencer coming back on stage…

Oh snap. Minecraft. And Kinect. It’s debuting this winter on the 360, full Kinect support.

Disney & Microsoft are bumping fists. “The Magic of visiting Disneyland to the home!” Cool – now I don’t need to spend thousands on DisneyWorld.

Haha, two kids flying with Peter Pan. Jeez. Sorry, I don’t think there are 6 year olds in the audience, but that’s cool anyway. Parents?

Now showing Alice and Wonderland. Lots of kiddie stuff.

This would be great for the kids – showing lots of Disney characters and the awesome interactions you can have with them. Couldn’t do all of this at Disneyworld.

Haha! That looks awesome. Pod racing, flying in space ships, fighting with a lightsaber Kinect style – very cool!

Freaking awesome XD

Sesame Street… really?

This is scary adorable XD

Making games for children. What a nice guy and a good father. Awwwww.

Kinect director out on stage now…

Kinect Fun Labs – best innovations in Kinect. Play with the latest Kinect gadgets and software in the living room.

Auto-Avatar transport! SWEET. Magic finger tracking – drawing stuff. That’s kind of awesome.

They are REALLY hitting on Kinect stuff.

Kinect Sports season 2 – game of football.

Oh lord – Dance Central 2.

Much dancing on stage. Darn, I thought it was Ke$ha. :\

Don Mattrick out now…

Touting how awesome XBL is… going over the conference.

A new trilogy for Xbox 360… Lots of pretty lights. Looks like… a body.

Whoa. Halo. Again. Must be Halo 4.

That’s how it ends. The teaser for Halo 4. No comments. Just a cool looking video. They said Trilogy – Halo 5 and 6 coming?

That’s all she wrote!

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