Locate the lost with EmFinders EmSeeQ

by Eugene Liu on January 8, 2011 · 604 comments

There’s a reason EmFinders’ Twitter name is @LocateTheLost. It has a simple, reliable product that’s almost equivalent to LoJack, except it’s for locating a person. EmSeeQ is a watch-style wristband device that when activated, will alert law enforcement of the wearer’s location using the cellular network. It is the only consumer device to seamlessly integrate with the E911 service and infrastructure.

Here’s how the recovery process works: When the wearer wanders off, the caregiver calls 9-1-1 to obtain a case number, and in turn reports that case number to EmFinders by contacting its 24/7 call center. Then EmFinders will activate the EmSeeQ device which transmits location info directly to a 911 operator. Law enforcement personnel will have all the accurate and verified information it needs to rescue the wearer.

EmFinders’ call center is based in Dallas and maintains a database of EmSeeQ user data so that additional information about the wearer can be noted. For instance, the medical condition of the wearer, suggestions about how to approach the person, etc. All this information has to be verified by the caregiver so law enforcement has all the tools it needs for rescue.

The device uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and comes with a charging station. It runs on “sleep” mode for most of the time — occasionally waking up to send heartbeat messages — until activated by EmFinders. It is also waterproof. The service plan is $25 per month.

For more photos of the EmSeeQ please explore the gagagadget Flickr group.

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