Facebook Does Not Like Google+… You Think?

Banned by Facebook

All Facebook Ads Banned by Facebook

Just like myself, you might have wondered what would happen if an ad is posted on Facebook about Google Plus and to advertise Google+… Google’s Google+ is created to compete with Facebook and other social networks.

Brave enough, Michael Lee Johnson did just that! I happen to have Michael Lee Johnson in both Facebook and Google+, even though I don’t know him in real life. So this really caught my interest.

I would not have been surprised if Facebook had pulled this ad, in fact I expected it. I would not have been surprised if Facebook had also warned him about posting any ads about Google+ ever again. But pulling all his ads/campaigns is “overdoing it! Well, then, Google+ and Facebook are competing with each other, knowing Google already has 10 million plus users in less than a month and while still in Beta…

I really want to put this here in writing, I really do – Facebook is feeling some HEAT!

I still might post ads to campaign for my possible future small business (which is in the working), but now I know what not to do on Facebook when it comes to posting ads. Now I wonder what would happen if ads are posted on Facebook about Myspace, Twitter, Bebo, LinkedIn, or Okurt

Ps. Michael, I am still totally intrigued by what had happened, any chance we get on the phone for a quick interview?


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